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I was a partner in an actuarial consulting practice in Perth in the 70’s with many of my customers being financial institutions. I had always wanted to provide the best service to my customers, and I realized at the time that their greatest need was a capable and efficient tool for treasury and cash management. So in 1981 I founded CCK to provide a treasury solution for these clients.

When I began to export this solution to SE Asia, I realized that the most challenging issue for my clients was that, due to the dynamic nature of the treasury business, they required new versions of the solution frequently, but the upgrade to their typically highly customized systems was laborious and time consuming for both the client and the supplier. So I set out in search of a software tool that can enable a bank client to easily upgrade to gain new functionalities. This required the development of a completely new solution from the ground up. I made the commitment to provide this seamlessly upgradable solution to my clients and was the only commercially available solution to embark on an integrated system redesign from the ground up.

In 2001 we were able to introduce this new technology solution which enabled our clients to become totally self sufficient once their system was implemented. This solution named Guava had features of:

  • Upgrades without any modification of all existing customization features, typically over a weekend.
  • Independent development of new financial products and work flow without dependency on third parties.
  • Highly automated health check features that significantly simplified the database maintenance work.

This solution has been very well received in SE Asia and has gained users who were able to significantly grow their business and accommodate regulatory changes easily. With the opening up of the financial services industry to market forces, we expect that this solution will be able to assist banks to grow their treasury operations and profits dynamically while controlling their own destiny.

Yours Truly,


Chief Executive Office


Guava Treasury provides innovative solutions catered to every Treasurer needs for the new era.

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