Product Overview

Guava Overview

Guava suite is CCK’s third generation of solution – an award winning Treasury solution covering all the requirements of a modern treasury. It comprises 4 components – Guava Dealer, Guava Risk, Guava Ops and Guava Reporter. The system handles the full life cycle of treasury from deal capture, whether directly or through third party dealing systems, risk management and monitoring, settlements, accounting and reporting, both for internal reports and regulatory reports.

Integrated Straight Through System

Guava is a single integrated system covering the full functional requirements from front office dealing, to risk management and controls in the middle office, to processing and accounting in the back office.  With full integration and automation, efficiency will dramatically increase with a consequent reduction of treasury operational risk and cost.

Front Office


Advanced pricing and decision support tool to enable dealers to better understand portfolio performance.

Main Functions:

Live Market Data

What-if Analysis

Portfolio Analytics

Hedge Recommendations

Cashflow Management





Middle Office


Provides the complete financial risk management solution covering market risk, credit risk and operational risk.

Main Functions:

Firm-wide risk management

Scenario Simulations

VaR Analysis and Backtesting

Stress Testing

Cashflow Management

ZCYC generator

Limit monitoring


Back Office


Guava Ops effectively manages all treasury processes from deal capture to settlements, accounting and interfacing.

Main Functions:

Multi-tiered organisational structure

User definable workflows

Verifications and authorizations

Hedge Recommendations

Settlement and Accounting

Automatically Reporting



Guava Reporter is a powerful reporting and analytical tool.



  • Able to deliver internal and external regulatory requirements
  • Output data for integration with other systems including transformation
  • Cater for complex calculations within the report

Advantages of Integrated STP

Product Definition Tool

Meet the demands of constantly changing financial markets


Reporting and ETL Tool

Closely integrated with the database of the built-in tools


Workflow Tool

Design customised work flows to eliminate manual processes


Document Tool

Able to generate user definable documents within the work flow process


Attachment Tool

Allow users to add various types of new data fields including hyperlinks and complex calculations to meet internal and regulatory requirements


Interface Tool

Meet customers, internal and external systems’ seamless integration requirements


Advantages of Integrated STP

Integrated Straight Through Processing (STP)
Guava System

Easy Upgrade

  • Complimentary Yearly Upgrade
  • Completed Over a Weekend
  • Minimal Business Disruption
  • Retain Customisation Features


  • Highly Flexible Customisation
  • Retain Full Management of Operations
  • No Supplier Dependency

Low Maintenance

  • Highly Stable System
  • Automated Health Check
  • Simplified Maintenance Task

Increase Efficiency

  • No Manual Workarounds
  • No Internal Exception Reports
  • Minimal Maintenance Work

Risk Minimisation

    • Integrated & Automated Solution
    • Reduces Manual Workarounds
    • Minimises Operational Risks 

User Friendly

    • Transform to the User
    • Adapt to the User


Guava Treasury provides innovative solutions catered to every Treasurer needs for the new era.

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