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Why Choose Guava?

Guava suite is CCK’s third generation of solution – An award winning Treasury solution covering all the requirements of a modern treasury.

It comprises 4 components – Guava Dealer, Guava Risk, Guava Ops and Guava Reporter. The system handles the full life cycle of treasury from deal capture, whether directly or through third party dealing systems, risk management and monitoring, settlements, accounting and reporting, both for internal reports and regulatory reports.

It handles all of the classes of financial instruments traded in a modern treasury, ranging from money market, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, equities, derivatives and structured products.

Finance Industry Update.

Founder and CEO of CCK Financial Solutions, Joseph Wong was honoured to be on a panel of the MathFinance Digital Conference.

The conference was attended by 250 bankers and mathematicians from Europe, USA, Japan and Australia.

The panel discussion focused on the IBOR transition and the challenges faced in the quantitative finance industry.

The moderator of the panel was Dr. Peter Woeste-Christensen, Director at Lucht Probst Associates, while other members comprised world-renowned speakers from the quantitative finance world:

  • Fabio Mercurio, Global head of Quantitative Analytics, Bloomberg LP
  • Karl Hofmann, Manager Financial Industry Risk & Regulation, Deloitte
  • Ms Paola Rensi, Director, Risk and Capital Markets, ISDA

MathFinance Digital Conference

 Guava is in the forefront of treasury solutions and provides for a smooth transition for clients away from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to Alternative Reference Rates, which are primarily based on Risk Free Rates (RFR).  

Easy Upgrade

  • Complimentary Yearly Upgrade
  • Completed Over a Weekend
  • Minimal Business Disruption
  • Retain Customisation Features



Low Maintenance

  • Highly Stable System
  • Automated Health Check
  • Simplified Maintenance Task



Increase Efficiency

  • No Manual Workarounds
  • No Internal Exception Reports
  • Minimal Maintenance Work



Risk Minimisation

  • Integrated & Automated Solution
  • Reduces Manual Workarounds
  • Minimises Operational Risks




  • Highly Flexible Customisation
  • Retain Full Management of Operations
  • No Supplier Dependency

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User Friendly

  • Transform to the User
  • Adapt to the User




Guava Treasury provides innovative solutions catered to every Treasurer needs for the new era.

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